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there is a bug when you try to put different outfits on Lavinla it just makes the screen go black. the maid outfit is the only that works

whitehoney responds:

This should be fixed.

Will you guys ever put these as a complete thing on steam with all the girls in it at some point? I really like this and the dragon one.

i like this game but i got stuck and i don't know where or what i have to do next. i have abit of quest left but i seem i can't figure out how to trigger them. like 9 quest left. don't know where this magic key i got goes to, stuff about the merfolk will help, church stuff not showing the next thing i need to do, helping the king and queen but i have to find someone outside the village, the wild eat stuff, pace guard stuff helping the elves and spreading the word. one i didn't say is just getting friends

knotgames responds:

You probably need to start the war with the demons in the east of the island and go to their dimension (that is what the key is for) and this will trigger new events for the church. If I remember well you need to make the innkeeper go to the renegades camp to start that quest and you'll need to recruit troops with the king and the queen for the war.

Hope it helps and if you have any other doubt feel free to send us a PM.

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